Medical Office


Medical Office

In the medical office of the community that is located in the building of the Community Council, visiting doctors examine every fortnight.

SCHEDULE OF DOCTOR VISITS 2017 (from Limassol hospital)

The following dates, every Thursday at 9:00 a.m. a doctor will be seeing patients from our community unless otherwise will be instructed by the Limassol hospital or official holidays might occur:

5 January
19 January

2 February
16 February

2 March
16 March
30 March

13 April
27 April

11 May
25 May

9 June
22 June

6 July
20 July

3 August
17 August
31 August

14 September
28 September

12 October
26 October

9 November
23 November

7 December
21 December



The pharmacy will be open during the Doctors visits.

For more information please consult the above list of doctors’ visitations.

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