The magnificent beach

The beach of our village is roughly 2 kilometres long and it is an unspoilt piece of land of infrequent natural beauty that is constituted by rocky small and big caverns forming small secluded sandy bays.

Many tourists and locals visit the beach on daily basis and enjoy the
quietness away from the busy town beaches. A cavern-tunnel exists in the area in which someone can enter from the sea side and its length is roughly 80 metres.

It is said that this tunnel was connecting the ancient Amathounta with the bay and its from this point where and the Queen of Amathounta escaped in order to be saved from the Sarakinous robbers that robbed her kingdom leaving inside of this tunnel a treasure.

In one of the bays that is named Latsi there are two restaurants. The coastal seafront of our Community is expected to be developed in order to attract more visitors.

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